Thursday, 13 November 2014

India: Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

The morning of Bethan's 24th Birthday (omg!) we planned a Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan. This was very much a whistle stop tour of the area as we'd arrived, slept, completed the safari, ate breakfast, Skyped home and got the train out of there in less than twelve hours! Ranthambore National Park is one of the largest in Northern India and is home to one of the Project Tiger reserves. The last count recorded in 2008 amounted a total of 34 adult tigers making this one of the best areas to spot them in all of India. There are around 7 different safari routes to choose from at either sunrise or sunset. 

We stayed at Hotel Green View which was the most reasonably priced of the hotels on offer. The manager Vishnu was very helpful, we exchanged many emails before our arrival regarding booking our Safari as we struggled to do this ourselves online. This was no problem and everything was booked just as we wanted when we arrived. Stepping off the train at 1am to see a smiling face holding a sign with your name on it is so comforting - for once we didn't have to deal with the rickshaw drivers trying to scam us with an unfair price. 

A quick four hour nap and it was time to get up and jump into our open top jeep for our sunrise safari. There are two vehicle options when booking a tour; a twenty seater open top bus or this option of a smaller six seater jeep. We had heard that the chances of seeing any wildlife was increased when travelling in the smaller vehicles as they were quieter and able to travel to smaller sections of the park. 

We were all feeling so excited at the prospect of meeting a wild tiger, but after 4 hours of non-stop driving around the park we were greatly disappointed - none were spotted. We did however see many spotted deer, antelope, peacocks and monkeys; along with many tiger footprints. Maybe we'll get to do another safari in another part of the world where we'll get to see more amazing wildlife. 

Sunrise at the National Park
Deer breakfast date
Tigers - so close, but yet so far..
Spot the baby owl
Bambi !
Antelope - check out those horns

Heey Monkey
Even the Monkey is sad we didn't see any Tigers - awwh

Happy Wanderers 


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