Sunday, 20 July 2014

50 Days Until Take Off !

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So, the countdown is officially on with only 50 days till the adventure of a lifetime begins. With so much still left to organise and a million conflicting thoughts whizzing around our heads, you may wonder how we are feeling. To sum it up in one word, OVERWHELMED! Guess the only thing we can do is keep planning and slowly ticking off our to-do lists.  

Tasks completed - Purchased plane tickets, quit job, booked all hostels/flights/trains for China, purchased wordless travel picture book..

Still to be done - Apply for visas, organise what we are taking in our backpacks (clothes, make-up, travel essentials, etc), travel currency cards, travel vaccinations, travel insurance, electronic gadgets.. aahhh

You can see why we're freaking out! The list of things to be done is sooo much longer than the list of things we've sorted. *buries head in sand*

The Happy Wanderers