Friday, 6 March 2015

Welcome Fellow Wanderers!

The happy wanderers trio has now become five and we thought we should dedicate a post to welcome ourselves to the group! Firstly, leaving to go travelling 3 days after christmas makes everything just a little bit more hectic! Shops are filled with warm winter clothes - not ideal when you are doing a last minute dash to the shops to buy a pair of shorts! 

Emotional goodbyes were said at London Heathrow airport and away we went - on separate flights due to booking the trip at separate times! We then met up for an overnight stopover in Bangkok. The excitement was building for us all to be reunited in Siem Reap. The flight the next morning to Siem Reap took no more than 35 minutes, however Bangkok Airways saw that as a challenge to see if its possible to serve a 3 course meal plus tea and coffee and clear it all away in time for landing. Fair play to them, they managed it! After queuing  at immigration for what felt like forever to get our Cambodian visas, we walked out of the airport fully expecting to be hassled by tuk-tuk drivers and get ourselves to the hostel. However the girls had other plans and were waiting to surprise us outside arrivals with a free tuk-tuk courtesy of the hostel. Unsuprisingly our reactions to this differed slightly.. Rebecca almost obliviously walked past and Sophie practically burst into tears #absoluteclassic. 

After 3 long months of waiting to leave, reading blog posts, and seeing all the photos.. we could finally call ourselves official 'happy wanderers'!

Muchos Love and Excitement... 
Rebecca and Sophie

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