Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Horror of Shopping for Travel Insurance

If you've known me for over 10 years or are a very close friend of mine you could know that I once had a serious life threatening medial condition. Whilst this is now a memory of the dark and distant past it still very much plagues me when trying to purchase travel insurance. I've been browsing comparison websites all morning for a policy that is actually willing to cover me - to yet no avail. 

Your average person doing a backpacking trip like we're planning can get insurance very easily for around £150 and above. However, I have to meticulously read each policy document thoroughly and pay particular attention to the language/phrases used, usually to find that these policies are not happy to cover me. 

I have to face questions like this:

'Have you EVER had treatment for..'- well yes I did, but not for over 10 years! I'm over it so why aren't you?! I also hate the way they always invite you to phone them to disclose things but are never happy to cover you anyway so it's just a waste of everyone's time, eurgh!

After getting tired of reading policy after policy and in true grandma style, I thought I'd try browsing travel insurance companies that specialise in offering cover for people who have past medial conditions. Yes, it would be more expensive but its better than no insurance right? However what I found was that they do not even offer insurance for trips over 28 days... perfect, now what?

 I'm a little annoyed (if you didn't notice), help!

Bethan xx

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